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Abby House and Cheamview Clubhouse provide psychosocial rehabilitation programs in the areas of personal life, education, pre-employment and leisure. These services will facilitate recovery and assist individuals to participate in their community, which may include work, by helping them to maximize their strengths, re-establish, develop and/or maintain their skills and abilities, personal supports and community involvement.


Program Objectives:
  1. Personal Life: Activities which focus on individuals’ personal life, which are essential to daily living.

  2. Education: Assist individuals to identify educational needs and goals.

  3. Pre-Employment: Activities which will assist individuals to identify pre-employment needs and goals and provide opportunities to participate.

  4. Leisure: Activities which will assist individuals to identify his/her leisure values, interests and provide opportunities to participate.

Creative Centre Society will provide an orientation to existing services and will assist individuals to develop individual service plans to meet each person’s needs and goals as part of their overall participation in the psychosocial rehabilitation program. Creative Centre Society will provide opportunities for individuals to reach their stated goals. Purposeful activities will be delivered in a welcoming environment which will enhance a person’s sense of belonging.

Clubhouse provides a variety of opportunities for members to socialize and participate in both within the clubhouse and within the community. Some of the programs clubhouse offers are:

Food Services: Staff and Members work together to prepare lunches where members are able to purchase these lunches at a low cost. Member participation will provide members with the skills of how to prepare and cook a meal, food safety skills and pre-employment skills. It also aids in building confidence in the kitchen.

Social and Recreation Program: The clubhouse organizes in-house and community outings that revolve around socialization as well as recreational outings that are built around increasing socialization and physical activity. Some examples include the leisure center, walking club, healthy weight club, tea social, community events, seasonal festivities and a variety of other leisure and social activities throughout the year.

Pre-employment and Educational Assistance Program:Clubhouse assists members in creating resumes, cover letters, the interview process and proper self presentation with the overall goal of attaining employment.

Computer Area: Clubhouse provides a computer area that is accessible to members. They can be used for personal needs as well as educational and employment related activities including clubhouse projects. Clubhouse also offers basic computer training for members to increase their basic computer skills.

Other programs offered within the clubhouses are: Coffee Bar Training, Camera Club, Craft Corner, Life Skills Workshops, Informational Seminars, Grocery Shopping Budgeting and Nutrition, Basic Computer Training, Giving Back Program, Toastmasters and Comedy Club.

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