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Increasing Quality Of Life ThroughPerson-Centered Recovery Programs.

Creative Centre Society for Mental Wellness is a non-profit organization that focuses on healthy living by providing rehabilitation and recovery-based programs and services designed to support anyone living with a severe and persistent mental illness. We provide a supportive environment that offers both one-on-one and group support to give people a safe space where they can feel a true sense of belonging.

Staff work in partnership with the people we serve to enhance their quality of life, move them along the recovery continuum, and help integrate them into the community. By working side-by-side as a team, our staff work to continually meet the ongoing needs of our community.

MENTAL HEALTH Recovery Programs

Our Programs Use The Recovery
Centred Clinical System
As Model For Support and Community Integration.

Assisted Community Living Support Program (ACLS)

Our ACLS program works to help our clients manage their personal life activities through rehabilitation, education, training, and one-on-one support.

Therapeutic Volunteering Program (TVP)

TVP contributes to the rehabilitation process by giving people the opportunity to volunteer in the community so they can develop personal life and/or pre-employment skills.

Young Adults

Our Young Adult program works to help individuals between the ages of 19 and 30 increase self-esteem and confidence, decrease anxieties in group settings, improve social skills, and learn essential communication and life skills.

Semi-Independent Living (SIL)

The SIL program provides participants with individualized community mental health support and a monthly subsidy payment, as an incentive to continue to work on their own wellness.

BC Housing Rent Supplement

BC Housing provides rent supplement funding to assist low- or moderate-income persons with a metal health diagnosis.

Affordable Housing Projects

Creative Centre Society for Mental Wellness provides permanent affordable housing to mental health clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.


Our Featured Courses.

We offer a range of informative courses and interesting programs and events at each of our locations. Check out some of the courses we currently have available or give us a call about any questions you might have.


Events and activities for Young Adult Clubhouse members. (Ages 19-30)

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