Clubhouse Programs

Our Programs Are Designed ToFacilitate Recovery And Assist In Community Involvement.

clubhouse programs

Abby House and Cheamview Clubhouse provide psychosocial rehabilitation programs for personal life, education, pre-employment, and leisure.

Each of our services are designed to facilitate recovery and assist individuals in participating in the community. Our goal is to help our participants maximize their strengths; re-establish, develop, and/or maintain their skills and abilities; and to provide them with the personal support and community involvement they need to succeed.

Clubhouse Programs Provide A Variety Of Opportunities For Members.

Young Adults

Members between ages 19 and 30 can benefit from our Young Adult program which works to help increase self-esteem and confidence, decrease anxieties in group settings, improve social skills, and teach essential communication and life skills.

Therapeutic Volunteering Program (TVP)

By giving persons with a mental illness the opportunity to volunteer in the community, TVP allows them to develop valuable personal life and/or pre-employment skills.

Rehabilitation Program Objectives

As a part of overall participation in our psychosocial rehabilitation program, Creative Centre Society for Mental Wellness provides orientations for existing services and assists individuals in developing recovery plans designed to meet their needs and goals. Through purposeful activities, we cultivate a welcoming environment that encourages people to focus on their individual strengths, giving them a sense of hope for the future.

Personal Life

We provide programs and services that focus on an individual's personal life, which are essential for daily living.


We assist individuals in identifying their educational needs and goals.


Our programs and services assist individuals in identifying their pre-employment needs and goals and provide opportunities to become more employment ready, develop related skills, and participate in the community.


We offer activities designed to assist individuals in identifying their leisure values and interests and provide opportunities to participate in programs with a focus on being active and social.

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