Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions People Ask Our Team.

Want to learn more about the clubhouse before becoming a member? Take a look at some of the most common questions people ask our team below. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, get in touch with us! Our friendly staff would love to answer any questions you might have.

Is the Clubhouse a drop-in centre?

In general, clubhouse is not a drop in centre.  There are groups and 1-on-1 supports offered daily.  See the monthly schedule for programs and contact staff to make an appointment for one one support.  Occasionally, the clubhouses do offer a casual “Drop in” window of time where the doors are open and members are encouraged to come and go at their own pace. The clubhouse calendar will clearly indicate when these “drop ins” are available.

Our monthly calendars (Available on our website) describe our programs and services.  If you are looking for something that is not currently offered, please contact staff to review.  We are always interested in identifying gaps in service and having client feedback.

To sign up for a program you can call, text, send a message on Facebook Messenger or email clubhouse staff in advance of attending.  You can also sign up online through our website.

Not all programs require sign-up. Check the calendar program descriptions to find out if the group you are interested in needs to be signed-up for in advance.

“Closed Program” means the group is only available to a particular sub-set of members. This is usually because the program takes place in the hospital or a residential care facility.

The Clubhouse does not run a lunch program. If you need support with accessing food, staff can support you with that.

No, but we can help you apply for housing and discuss other options, including having you complete an application for one or both of our affordable housing projects.

If you have a registered service animal, it can come with you. If it is any other animal, please leave it at home.

Unfortunately, Cheamview Clubhouse, is not wheelchair accessible. We can still support you in the community or in other ways that would not require you to come to the clubhouse. We also can programs or appointments at the Village which is wheelchair accessible.

Membership to the clubhouses is free.  Programs are free and everything needed is supplied.  On rare occasions, some outings may have a small cost to members, but it is up to the member if they wish to participate.

Your membership to the clubhouse is used based on your needs for services.  You can attend as much or as little as you need throughout your membership.  If you are inactive for a long period of time you may be required to go through the referral process again to begin membership again.

Your participation is based on your needs.  Clubhouse is a service for you to use as a resource defined by the things you want to learn and work on.

The staff does their very best to support you to create the life you wish to have.  Members’ testimonials have stated that staff are supportive and friendly.

1-1 appointments with the staff are usually between 30-60 min long and we work together on your goal.  You can make appointments as often as needed to accomplish your goal and the appointments are based on staff availability between the programs and other commitments they have.

Clubhouse staff have knowledge of many different resources in the community for multiple things like food security, housing support, volunteering, employment support, skills building programs, support groups, subsidized programs and so much more.

Using the programs and or workshops that you participate in at the clubhouse on your resume is a great idea. If you would like one of the clubhouse staff to provide a reference to a potential employer that would require very individualized conversations and we could only comment on things that qualify as transferable skills like your participation level, your ability to follow instructions or learn new skills,  if you were on time and your completion of the course.

Clubhouse staff communicate with members in a variety of ways.  We use a work cell phone to call or text, Facebook Messenger to message and emails to a multitude of things and we run programs in person, over Zoom and through the Facebook Group.  We will use the members preferred method of communication as much as we possibly can.

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