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At Creative Centre Society, we offer a range of different rehab courses designed to help you get back on your feet. Take a look at our available courses below to see what will work best for you.

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Discover Self-compassion is on Mondays at 12pm virtually over Zoom. Self-compassion involves being aware of our own emotions and understanding your emotions as a normal human experience.  Directing kindness and care towards ourselves is a crucial component of self-compassion.  Practicing these skills can bring great benefits to our well-being.


If you like playing RPGs and want to paint some miniatures, this might be the group for you.


Meet at the Clubhouse to walk around the neighborhood together. It’s good exercise, fresh air, and an opportunity for casual conversation. Great if your goals are to improve your fitness, or just socialize more. No signup required, but if we don’t know you’re coming, it’s important to be on time!


This group is for Young Adults between the ages of 19-30.  Join your peers for a fun, free activity each week.



Join a small group activity or connect one to one with staff to support you to continue on your recovery journey.


Learn what you can do everyday to support yourself.

Learn to sketch in March.

Be social and meet new people.

Bring your creative side with you.

Listen to some music together and discover the connection between music and emotions and memories, and the many ways music can be therapeutic.

Meet at the rec center in Hope at 10 am.

Join us and do something physical.

Bikes, weights, you could swim the choice is yours.

Coffee at McDonalds in Hope.

Come and have a coffee and meet new people in the community.

Except every third Wednesday of the month.


Are you part of the South Asian community and looking for support with your mental health?  Text with  Christine on Thursdays at 11am-12pm at 604-302-6001 to chat about and give your ideas on what types of fun things we could do as a group.


Craft social:


Come do a craft be a part of a social crowd, meet new people and be creative.


Come learn some baking skills.

Learn to make your own pizza dough, bread, or cookies and cakes.



Come and learn about and practice mindfulness. We will be doing mindfulness meditations and breathing exercises.

Every Thursday at 11 am. Please arrive promptly.

Sign up is required by 2 pm the preceding Wednesday.


Fridays at 11 am. If you would like to participate in this in-person program.

Please sign up by 12 pm on the preceding Thursday. This is a great opportunity to learn basic kitchen skills and enjoy some food and friends. If there are left overs please supply your own container and take some home.


Social, recreational, and educational gatherings weekly with different topics and activities. CURRENTLY FULL.


Wednesdays at 12pm at The Hall come and discuss what you think a healthy relationship is and how we
manage our own relationships to either become or stay safe for us.


Join this member facilitated group on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10am in the food court at Seven Oaks Mall.

The group sits at a couple of the tables right in front of the A&W.

Play Yahtzee, Cards or Cribbage. If you don’t want to play games then check in with each other or meet someone new.
If you are new to the clubhouse and want to attend coffee group please let staff know so we can support your first visit.

Get support from each other in group discussions on Zoom Tuesdays at 11am.


Each week we will get together at the clubhouse, as a group, and listen to music. Each participant will have the opportunity to choose at least one song.


Boundaries Discussion Group on Zoom


Events and activities for Young Adult Clubhouse members. (Ages 19-30)

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