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Learn All About Some of Our Favourite Success Stories.

At Creative Centre Society, we know that our success depends on the success of our clients. That is why we are so proud of the journey some of our clients have undergone and the success they have achieved. Take a look at some of our favourite success stories below to find out where some of our clients started out and where they are today.

Anastasia's Story

I have been coming to the clubhouse since spring of 2019.  I was a terrible mess and suicidal.  It took everything in me to enter the doors.  Once I gathered the courage to go in, I was greeted by members and staff as if I was already a friend.  It did not take me long to breakdown crying as I didn’t feel deserving of their kind words.  A staff member took me to a private area where she spent time listening with compassion and helping me understand my emotions.  She stayed with me until I felt safe.  I left there feeling that this was a place where no judgement was cast and you were met with compassion and understanding.  I was scared to leave my home to go anywhere.  A staff member would contact me for a wellness check until I decided to take the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) program which would start me off to understanding my emotions and how to overcome my negative thoughts.  I was on the road to recovery.  I went on to take all of the programs I was offered that would benefit me. 

Now in 2023 I’m doing great with my mental health.  I will always be grateful for all the support and tools I got from the clubhouse.  I’ve needed them for different hurdles in my life since.  The programs are very helpful and beneficial for other parts of life other than mental health.

Melissa's Story

I had the best experience in the SIL program and would highly recommend it. Being someone with ptsd and social anxiety, I have gained much more confidence in going out and having my independence grow. Oriana was truly amazing to work with, I learned so much from her, like coping skills, tips on stress management and community resources. The support I got was awesome and I’ve learned so much. I can proudly say I’m finally on the right track with my mental health journey and am forever grateful.

Doug's Story

dougI became a member of the Cheamview Clubhouse in 2011 and since then the staff has supported me in finding gainful employment. The Clubhouse also encouraged me to run a program in the community for people to come together and talk over coffee. I was hesitant to run a program in the past. But, running a program has given me an incentive to wake up and get going and increased my confidence.  There have been some hard times for me in life, but the clubhouse has always been there for me while I weather the storm.

            I will always be grateful for the programs and outings that the staff have got us members involved in. I feel like they really care about me, and the other members, as a person, and as a result, have given me confidence to carry on in this world. Being a member of the Clubhouse has given me a sense that I belong to a community.

David's Story

davidMy name is David Weirmeir.  When I first moved to the Fraser Valley 6 years ago, I was a broken tormented soul.  I was homeless and destitute.  I was introduced to the Creative Centre Society and their Supportive Independent Living Program (SIL).  Through both, I have managed to stay off the street the entire time.  At times it has been tough, but through the caring, unconditional support through the people I’ve met through the Society, I have managed to rebuild my life. During this time, I have returned to my career as an artist, reaffirming myself by winning my first international award for my work!  My art is now featured in museums and galleries here in the Fraser Valley.  I survived open heart surgery and married the love of my life. Personally, I’d like to thank everyone I’ve met at the Creative Centre Society for encouraging me to get on in my life, and for giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams through some dark, difficult moments. Truly, I have found my smile!

Denise's Story

I have been going to the clubhouse for a few years now and I have made friends there.  The staff are wonderful and they are there for me when I need to talk about anything.  They have taught me new skills and tools so that I can take control of my life rather than spiraling into depression.  The tools can be used at home or when out in the public which definitely helps me.  I recommend the clubhouse if you are dealing with Depression and Anxiety.

Tey'ka's Story

tey'kaHi my name is Tey’ka Hall, I am a 32-year-old recovering addict. I came to Abby House this year in January after my stay at the hospital after receiving multiple mental health diagnoses. Abby House helps with me getting back on track by attending groups weekly and has made me feel at home in the community. This helps with my mental health a lot. Thank you Abby House.

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