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Assisted Community Living Support

Creative Centre Society will provide ACLS service to meet the following:

  1. To increase the clients’ ability to manage their personal life activities through the provision of rehabilitation, education, training and support.

  2. To increase the clients’ stability in the community, in cooperation with the mental health staff, through the provision of individualized support.

ACLS Program Description:

The rehabilitation program and service will include a wide range of supports and assistance which may vary in intensity and may include assistance by addressing any or more of the following areas:

Personal Care: grooming, hygiene, self care skills, clothing maintenance

Household Management: laundry, cleaning, food preparation, menu planning, shopping

Liaison/Advocacy: liaison and advocacy to full utilization of community, Government, Health and Social Services

Money Management: budgeting, banking

Housing Support: suite identification/administration, liaison/support to landlord, utility companies

Personal Effectiveness: problem solving, decision making, communication, goal setting

Community integration: accompanying to social/recreational activities, use of public services – transit, group work – build social contacts, and peer support/self help


Support: encouragement/confidence building/security, encouraging and assist maintenance of therapeutic contacts, Mental health and doctors appointments, time structuring and management, emergency availability, crisis intervention management , and development of a personal goal plan

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