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Janitorial and Moving Program  ** this program is currently unavailable**

Janitorial and Moving Program Description:

The Janitorial/Moving program is a Mental Health & Addiction Services program available to clients living within the communities of Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack and Agassiz/Hope.

The Janitorial/Moving program is available for clients with special household cleaning needs which cannot be met by the client, case manager, community living/SIL support worker, or homemaker service. This includes circumstances where a client’s home is so messy/dirty that a “heavy duty” cleaning team is required.

The moving program is to be used in situations where there are no other moving options available to the client. Moves are to be within the communities of Abbotsford, Mission Chilliwack and Agassiz/Hope only and is used to move clients from one location to another when they have no other means or options available to them (ex: Ministry of Human Resources, family, friends). There is no cost to the client for this program, but all other available resources must be explored prior to requesting this service.

Case managers can initiate service following the completion of a “Request for Service” form, including approval from the Site coordinator, and then faxing the form to Creative Centre Society at 604.850.1190.

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