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Clubhouse Principles

  • All services must:

    • Inspire growth and hope,

    • Recognize and respect people with mental illness as citizens with a wide range of capacities and talents, and

    • Always move forward in partnership with members as the expert in their own recovery journey.

  • All services use recovery based principles.

  • The clubhouse will adopt the Recovery Centred Clinical System as model for support.

  • Services will result in real and positive change in people’s lives at their own pace.

  • All services will have the goal of community integration, obtained by using mainstream community services and building natural supports.

  • Services will be

    • Age specific as needed.

    • Culturally sensitive,

    • Include families and/or supports, and

    • Are reflective of the range of recovery.

  • Services will be supportive of people’s health and happiness.

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